Sep 8, 2015


The new documentary Fresh Dressed is caught between two competing desires: wanting to celebrate hip-hop culture's early street style while also condemning the capitalization of that culture by brands, thus allowing traditional fashion institutions to reign supreme. However, this isn't a weakness of debut director Sacha Jenkins's film. In fact, it could be argued this is where we shouldbe stuck, given the trajectory of street style's humble origins to our current, commodified moment.

The film starts off as a tale of working-class black youths in the Bronx finding a voice through rap. The music bled into a street style that Run of Run DMC describes as celebrities wanting to dress in a manner that their audiences could afford, and continued in the 80s and 90s into fashion brands owned by black men, such as Cross Colors, Karl Kani, RocaWear (Jay-Z's brand), Sean John (Puff Daddy's), and FUBU. Check out the trailer

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