Oct 17, 2014

Dase Boogie - Beats Rhymes & Outlines

Straight out of Israel my homie Dase Boogie drops his mixtape called "Beats Rhymes & Outlines" a smooth tribute to graffiti writers and the elements of hip_hop. Peep the sueworks drop at 5min 06 seconds, Dase Boogie AFK shout out.

Beats Rhymes & Outlines it's a selection of chill hip hop 'best for your car ride' type mixtape I recorded back in 2013 and finally it's out under upcoming 'THE HOP' series. The main concept which also set the title came from being inspired back and forth between hip hop music and graffiti, for example certain music can dictate a certain style in letters. The mix is also available on a cd, limited edition of 200, all numbered and will be given away for free at the next 'THE HOP' party. *All tracks except the intro beat by Soul Supreme and Style Wars/Piece by Piece quotes were recorded from vinyl. *Mastering by Nimrod Bar of Tiny Fingers Special thanks and shout outs My family, the whole AFK crew, Soul Supreme, Lalo Capzoola, DJ Mesh, Nimrod Bar, Serval 7$, Sueworks, Shazam X, DJ Mekalek of Time Machine, Unstoppabullz crew, all 'THE HOP' supporters and guest djs, strictly vinyl djs, the spirit of J Dilla, all my graff fam worldwide, my crews OGT, RATS, MST, Heavy Crates, and all the real heads who keep our culture alive, this one is dedicated to you!

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