Jul 31, 2014

WakeUpPeople: Like It Or Not ALL AMERICANS Will Receive A Microchip Implant In 2017

The mainstream media (NBC News) has revealed ALL American citizens will be implanted with microchips. They say the reason for the implants is to identify people on the spot. The report says this is necessary to determine; are you who you say you are? It does not however say anything about those who are allowed to stay in the country illegally.

Will the RFID Microchip give to much power to Big Brother? That is the fear of many. People are worried that microchip will allow the government to track their every move. Their is a move by some states to halt this process. Most everyone is aware that animals are commonly microchiped. The RFID Brainchip is already being tested on some people. We said we had some facts for you, so watch the following video now that will show you Proof the RFID Microchip is in Obamacare.

Will you take the mark of the beast? there's only one way to salvation, threw God's son "Jesus" will save you from this evil that is taking over. Repent cause the kingdom of God is at hand.

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