May 30, 2014

Culture: Project Ghost in the shell

The opening credits of Ghost in the Shell are a stunning visual masterpiece — so when a team of artists decided to create 39 live-action still frames recreating shots from the opening, this was a major undertaking. Graphic designer Ash Thorp has worked on Amazing Spiderman 2, X-Men: First Class and Person of Interest, but this was a pure labor of love. He assembled a team of 30 artists to recreate the beautiful shots from the GitS opening, but he's not involved with Dreamworks' in-development live-action remake. "I originally wanted this to be just a fun side project to create with some friends on my free time over a time span of a month, if that," Thorp tells The Verge. "But as we opened up the opportunities it got bigger and more complicated as the team grew." Below, see a few of the most arresting stills, along with a short video on the making of Project 2501 — but there's tons more at Thorp's site. (Warning: video below and some of the stills at Thorp's site are NSFW.)


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