Dec 3, 2012


Got to hang out with the world famous icon man NOAM GALAI today; and this is his story.
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The Stolen Scream: About two years after publishing photos of myself screaming online, I discovered that my face was ‘for sale’ in several stores around the world, as well as on the Web and also in places like Spain, Iran, Mexico, Egypt, England and many other places. It was used for signs and graffiti in many protests around the world such as the Arab Spring in Egypt and Syria. When I realized that its not a one-time-thing and my face is being used in so many places i decided to start collecting images/videos of all my scream ‘appearances’. So I decided to open this blog to keep track of all the different places with my face on them. I will post new photos and videos as soon as i find them. Of course – feel free to send a message if you saw my screaming face anywhere… i will be more than happy to see more stuff.


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