Dec 20, 2012

Spinner's Best Pictures of 2012

Big shout out to my homie Gino DePinto's for getting  best pictures of 2012 in Spinner, and guess who's in the mix, Yes Sir "Sueworks" One of the picture that made it to the best pic's of 2012 is my backdrop piece I did for Future and you can see him posing in front of it.  see all the pictures here:

Photographer Gino DePinto is one of a kind. He's quick and agile, an ex-rock 'n' roller and a free spirit. AOL Music's resident camera slinger has quite a knack for composition, and his thick Jersey accent and great sense of humor are always getting artists to crack a smile. On the fly, DePinto's the best, able to take on any live show or press event.

So we here at Spinner wanted to honor our charismatic snapper and show off some of his best photos of 2012. Check out this cool gallery below including choice shots from the Hives, Andrew W.K., Game, DMX, Melanie Fiona, Lianna La Havas and many, many more!


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