Dec 31, 2012

D.O.A.P - Free Download

Check out my homie Suge White's D.O.A.P. Free Download.

Download: Suge White presents Jimmy Da Gent-D.O.A.P. (The Definition of a Product)

1. Intro (prod. by Sin Beatcamp 201)
2. Shoulda Woulda Coulda ft. Gemstar (prod. by Havoc)
3. Feel Big (prod. by J Cardim)
4. Can’t Lie ft. Big Wee (prod. by 15 Sec Ent.)
5. Break Bread (prod. by 15 Sec Ent.)
6. Like a Dealer (prod. by 15 Sec Ent.)
7. Zoned Out (prod. by G Money Baby)
8. Hey (Wait) (prod. by 15 Sec Ent)
9. Heavy ft. J Mendez (prod. by Kris Fame)
10. My Fears (prod. by J Mizzle)
11. Getting Bread ft. Mike Beck (RIP) & P-Doe (prod. by 15 Sec Ent.)
12. Supacala (prod. by 15 Sec Ent.)
13. Eyez off Me (prod. by 15 Sec Ent.)
14. You Mine (prod. by 15 Sec Ent.)
15. Everything ft. Gina Montana & Nathaniel (prod. by 15 Sec. Ent.)
16. NY Days, Miami Nights ft. Stack$ (prod. by 15 Sec. Ent.)
17. Move It Around ft. Capone of CNN & Dave Lerrick (prod. by Kris Fame)
18. Goin Crazy (prod. by J Cardim)
19. Higher Than Before (prod. by Payton)
20. L.S.D. (Living Slowly Dying)
21. Time Never Stops ft. Prinz, Mike Beck (RIP) & Dave Lerrick (prod. by Dave Lerrick) [BLACKHAND PRODUCT EP COMING SOON]
22. It’s Tha Product ft. Dave Lerrick & Tony Pacasso (prod. by Kris Fame) [THA PRODUCT Coming Soon]

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