Aug 29, 2011


UB. State your Name and the city your from?
LUST and I'm from Hudson County New Jersey.

UB. Where did the name "LUST" come from?
I use to write LUone short for Luis but one day going thru my dad's porno collection I saw a movie title called "LUST" so I started writing it n it stuck.

UB. How long have you been writing for?
I've been writing since 1992, 19 years on n off.

UB. What do you enjoy more, Bombin' or Piecing?
I would have to say bombin!

UB. How would you describe your style?
Simple, old School mixed with new.

UB. What crews do you rep?
JAO, UFC, SC, ATC, TGF n more...

UB. Any crazy graff stories?
Beef had them arrested being there but one story stands the most is the night me Boom N Flex was hitting a handball court late a night n a undercover came at me, and Boom hit him but didn't know he was five o until his badge came out don't know how we got away that night... lol

UB. Besides graff what other art form do you practice?
I have to say tattooing.

UB. What is the most memorable spot you ever hit?
I would have to say the cliff on tonelle ave; and a throwie I did on the corner of WNY's police station, thats a good one.

UB. What is the biggest risk you have ever taken for your art?
The biggest risk I would say almost got shot for putting a blockie on the wrong block.

UB. What do you think is the future of graffiti?
definitely 3d graff, realistic space age shit!

UB. Do you see yourself as an artist or a graff writer?
I consider myself an artist.

UB. Any last words or Shout-outs?
Graffiti is part of my life no matter how much I try to stop.
Big shot outs to Sue, Soem, Ric, Kenes, Mear, Boom, Flex, Aesop, zk, Scet, Zar, Then, Bayne, Orez, Belin, Azma, Teck, Snow, Qone and to who ever I forgot.

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Interview by: SUEWORKS / UBmassive

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