Aug 1, 2011


UB. state your name and the city you rep?

UB. So you started out doing graff or street art?
I started out catching tags as a kid, around age 13. I was drawing a lot of b-boy characters back then. I got into doing throw-ups when I was in high school.

UB. When did you convert to street art and why?
I stopped painting graff for a while after I graduated from art school in 93.
Graffiti was something that didn't come natural to me. I hated my letters.
I was confident with my hand style, but letter structure for painting pieces was a struggle and my can control was weak. I became discouraged.
Drawing characters is what I have always loved to do. I just stuck with it. I started out drawing my characters on paper or vinyl sticker stock and then started screen printing them. I then moved on to doing large scale poster bombing. I like my work to be clean and big and poster bombing was the best way for me to achieve the look I was going for at that time.

UB. How would you define street art?
Generally speaking, graffiti is letters done with spray paint. Street art tends to be more character or image based and a wider variety of materials can be used.
Typically Stickers, posters, spray paint, stencils, sculptures, etc......

UB. Does street art have a connection to graffiti?
For me it does, It kind of all blends together. bombing is bombing, to me it doesn't matter if i have spray paint, or wheat paste. I'm still risking my freedom to put an image on private property.
Style wise, I guess I fall somewhere in between street art & graffiti like a hybrid style. Since I mostly paint characters, It has given me the opportunity to paint with a number of different letter artists. painting by myself is cool, but I like to see that balance of letters & characters together. It's a good formula for a nice piece.
For the past couple of years I've been getting back into the painting side of things, so for me the connection is strong. It's all my style the only difference is the medium. In the end its all just art to me, no matter the label.

UB. What has put you on the map as an artist graffiti or fine art?
My work on the street has put me on the map for sure. Shit, before I started bombing again I couldn't even get a real gallery show. In a way, initially getting rejected from galleries & the fine art world fueled my fire. I wanted people to see my art, so I had to take matters into my own hands, I hustled and hit the street with it.
You know, Even the street art cats didn't want anything to do with me at first. It was like my style was too graffiti for street art and too street art for graffiti I was in limbo land. I couldn't win for loosing. Fuck it, I just kept on moving forward and after time, the right people took notice and good opportunities started to follow. The fine art world still hasn't fully opened their proverbial arms to me yet, I don't think. I'm not sure if I am exactly where I want to be. There's still a lot I would like to accomplish as an artist.

UB. What Gallery's have you exhibited in?
I did the underground thing for a while, I started painting and hustling art around '95. I was putting my own shows together at bars & coffee houses etc. Like I said, no gallery was interested in what I was doing. It's been a long road, but my first "big" show was Takashi Murakamis' Geisai Miami (Dec '07).
I've shown with a handful of galleries since then: Gallery 223, Crewest, NOVA 535, GEN ART VANGUARD w/ antikulture gallery, PAPA B gallery, Ginza Tropicalia, Bear & Bird, Alias, BAY TWO, POUND, south Florida art center, & I am currently represented by Bold Hype gallery in Orlando FL.

UB. What crews do you rep?
AM7, Hoodie Monks, & Silver Caps World Wide

UB. Any beef or crazy graffiti stories?
Nah man, nothing major, all prior beef has been resolved. I keep it light in the field and I mind my own. I try to keep things positive. But you know how it goes, Sometimes negativity has a way of finding you. Its all about how you react to it I guess.

UB. Are the characters you paint your alter ego?
Sometimes, but most of the time it's more like an emotion or attitude in character form.

UB. What's in store for DOLLA in 2011?
Aside from group shows, I'm working on another solo show for the end of the year with a new concept and a new approach. I'm pretty excited about it.
I have some large collaboration & solo murals planned for 2011.
Other than that, I have a few irons in the fire right now. A new website is definitely one of my main priorities. Only time will tell what gets accomplished this year. I'm putting in work.

UB. Any last words or shout-outs to the haters and fans?
UB. Any last words or shout-outs to the haters and fans?
Much love to my lady and baby girl,
Big Up to AM7 and the entire SC squad,
To the haters: you get none,
To the fans: you're my cool breeze in Hades!
Thanks to SUEWORKS for the interview.

Interview by: SUEWORKS

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