Apr 18, 2011


Can you speak about your Cheech Wizard’s 3D animation project?

Well, that animation was done by a friend in his spare time by the name of Nigel Hendrickson out of NYC. He asked me if he did the animation for free would I do the voices and the music for the short animation? And I agreed. My dad created the voices for his Cartoon Concert slide show in the 70s and I have the same ability to do the voices he had, so I did my best to recreate the voices my father wished for his characters in that short animation by Nigel. Cheech needs to be done in cel animation and not done in computer and i have had companies approach me for an animated series with Cheech but they have all failed to become animated. Cheech will be animated one day he is too cool a character to not be animated, and it should be traditional Disney style animation when it happens as far as I am concerned. I have written out line stories for about 15 episodes for Cheech incase it does happen.

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