Feb 26, 2011

LO and Behold: Meyhem rising

Queens New York, stomping grounds of some of the most prolific emcees to ever hold a microphone, home of mix tape pioneers and the once great Mets, now has a new name to add to its hierarchy...Meyhem Lauren "the next King from outta Queens!"

Hard grind and dedication with a good business demeaner are just some of the words I can use to describe the big homie. Meyhem started out like most of us, in the graff game. Boosting paint and being fly with rep ultimatley became his gateway activity to other forms of urban youth cultures. Before long, he and his young company of crooks put down the cans and focused on the fresh, which ultimatly lead to Meyhem being inducted into the world reknowned boosting crew, Lo Lifes.

By this time Meyhem was already making noise on the underground rap scene and was set to blow. He has since recorded with NY greats and worldwide rap icons like Raekwon, Sean Price, Ghostface Killah, Roc Marci, AZ. Cormega and fellow Lo Life, Thirstin Howl III. He is currently working on a project with his crew the OUTDOORSMEN, crewmates include Action Bronson and Mixtape King, J-Love. This "around the way crew" are all working on solo projects to get you ready for the group effort OUTDOORSMAN LP.

(Meyhem Lauren & Sueworks on the Turntable-Izm Show)

As of right now, his Clarified Butter mixtape is blazing the streets but he also has the soon to be released Self Induced Illness which you can pre-order before it's Feb 15th release date. When asked about the title of the latest project, Meyhem responded by saying "It's basically a cycle. I feed off of my own energy and life experiences." After what he's accomplished so far, I expect the illness to be contagious. To find out more on Meyhem and to pre-order his solo debut, click here, until then, get Lo and whatch ya body, cuz real New York rap returns! Peace!

Meyhem Lauren’s first studio album debut ‘Self-Induced Illness‘ is up on iTunes.
Click here for Meyhem Lauren Self Induced Illness on iTunes

Meyhem pays homage to the lifestyle that birthed who he is today...NY Graff

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