Dec 30, 2010


Occasionaly you'll meet someone that embodies hip-hop. When they talk it rhymes, they walk in rythem and their signature is in graffiti. Brooklyn emcee Karniege is one such person. He's like a walking, talking...or should I say, a kickin, spittin, graffiti written version of a brollic b-boy image off of an 80's wall.

Originally a graff writer in the 90's (NEGS YNN/21W/DOD) I asked how he made the change from can control to crowd control? "I transitioned pretty easily because alot of the graff cats I was around rapped as well so it just went hand in hand." Quickly moving through the ranks and paying dues, he has rocked in almost 40 of the 52 states as well as Russia and Austria.

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Posted by: AKIL NURU / Frank151

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