Dec 20, 2010


This is a real life, box cutter, smash mouth, raw Philly video. Pure uncut dope, straight from the gutters of the city of brotherly slugs! This exploration into the sights and sounds of the meen streets of Philly captures the philth and phlavor of the alleys and the people that dwell in them. One of the nicest skate videos I've seen since Public Domain (90's Bones Brigade). Featuring todays top street skaters in their element...the streets. Dudes like Chris Mathis, Jamal Smith and Kevin Liedtke are captured crushing curbs and shredding City Halls subway concourse. Theres also, awsome footage at the world famous LOVE PARK fountain, including all the junkies and vagrants that call the park home. Also, in this dvd you'll witness brutal fist fights, police harrasment and some real dope footage of the city's top bombing scientists like NATEROCK, OZ, BARK and CROWN. If you enjoy diving into the murky depths of sub sidewalk, urban youth culture, then this dvd is a must have for your collection. Check the website for more info and to cop up! This is more than a street video, this video is raw sewage flowing from beneath the city!

Posted by: AKIL NURU fron frank 151

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