Jul 29, 2010


2Ease & Ski
Street artists are out to destroy our cities. It is a sad truth, that this is how most of the world, and certainly all authority figures, look at street artists. Ofcourse, street artists are much more than that. They are sharing a part of themselves with their community. Street art is sometimes aesthetic, personal, anti establishment, and emotional. One collective’s work is all of those things, at once. The Destroy and Rebuild Collective, has a deconstructivist attitude towards their street art. They take elements of New York’s urban fabric and make it the crux of their pieces. Parts of what most people recognize only as city infrastructure, is turned into beautiful art.

The collective is made up of three excellent street artists from Brooklyn: Avone, 2Esae, and Ski. Their work is a fusion of various styles and media including photography, graffiti, paints, collage, and silk screen.

All of the artists in the collective were once graffiti artists. The natural evolution for them was to go into a street art setting where they could begin to rebuild the city they once were out to destroy. The fact that the group formed on that premise shows an interesting transformation from a naive creative outlet to a sophisticated cultural experience that demonstrates an mount of intensity, intellect, emotion and craft that is a rare combination found in any artist.

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Interview by CURBS

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