Jun 3, 2010


Big shout-out to the Turntable-izm show for letting me join there team. Every Wednesday night from 9pm -11pm (Eastern Standard Time) on ustream.com we go live!
Thanks to everybody who logged -in to the first episode. This was the first live run, getting the hang of the new programs but all is good:-) Big shout-out to Johnny 3 rounds, Black Irish, Jim Brown, Raul and the Egyptian guy. Big-ups to DJ Brown 13 & Dee Shot for always keeping it real & being official with it.

Check out the episode Re-runs the next day on UBMASSIVE.
Episode ONE....(Press the small play button at the bottom of the video to watch the episode)

For more info on the show & events please log-on to: TURNTABLEIZMSHOW.COM

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